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Array AWF Series WAF Appliances

Enterprise & Government

Enterprise and government Web sites and applications are increasingly the target of malicious attacks. Array's AWF Series WAF can protect against the most widespread attack mechanisms while providing active incident response to halt hackers in their tracks, with post-incident analysis and diagnosis to guide in strengthening servers against future attacks.

Cloud Providers

For Software-as-a-Service providers, the AWF Series protects the most vital business asset – the software applications that generate revenues – from malicious attacks, tampering and other security incidents. Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers can also leverage the AWF Series to offer WAF-as-a-Service for customers operating eCommerce sites and other Web assets in their cloud.

eCommerce Sites

Like enterprises and governments, eCommerce sites face a growing threat from Web site attacks and tampering, with the added danger of the loss of customer financial or other private information. Array's AWF Series protects eCommerce sites through a strong portfolio of tools such as continuous scanning, active incident response and post-incident analysis/diagnosis, and much more.

Comprehensive Protection

Continuous Threat Scanning

Array's Web application firewall continuously scans servers for known vulnerabilities, and scans applications for SQL injection or cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. In addition, a sophisticated rules library protects against a wide variety of Web server attacks, prevents inadvertent information disclosure, and protects and detects Web site embedded Trojans.

Strong Incident Response

During a security incident, the AWF Series effectively detects, blocks and prevents further intrusion, SQL injection, cross-site scripting and other types of Web application attacks. After a security incident, the AWF Series diagnoses for critical security issues such as Web site tampering and malicious code, allowing administrators to reduce security risk and maintain the Web servers' credibility.

Website Anti-defacement

Array's AWF Series WAF provides a comprehensive solution (WebKeeper) for website defacement attacks. The solution protects websites from large-scale and continuous website defacement attacks while consuming only a few system resources of the Web servers. It also provides an automatic website content distribution function to allow website administrators to securely distribute routine website content updates and restore web pages that have been tampered with without manual intervention.

DDoS Protection

Array's AWF Series protects websites from HTTP attacks, such as HTTP flooding and CC attacks, as well as a wide variety of Layer 3 and Layer 4 DDoS/DoS attacks, such as Land, Smurf, ICMP flooding, TCP flooding, and UDP flooding.

Comprehensive Server Protection

The AWF Series includes key network firewall features to provide comprehensive Layer 1 through 7 protection for Web application servers, including packet filtering, blacklist/whitelist, URL-based access control and other basic protection functions at the network laer.

Easy Configuration & Management

Guided Configuration

Configuration of Web application firewalls has been notoriously more complex than that of network-level firewalls. The AWF Series provides configuration guidance to assist administrators in accurately configuring and setting up the Web application firewall.

Visualized Management

The AWF Series' powerful equipment monitoring functions allow administrators to monitor – in real time – the associated equipment's working condition, attack threats and other system information, allowing timely discovery and elimination of network problems, and promoting stable operation.

Role-Based Authentication

The AWF Series supports three separate administration roles: administrator, account administrator and audit administrator. Using distinct roles can assist in meeting quality standards and the audit needs of regulatory and other requirements.

AWF Series Specifications

  1500 3500 5500
Max. Throughput per Second (One 32KB HTML page) 600Mbps 1.2Gbps 5Gbps
L3 Max. Throughput per Second (Mixed Traffic) 2.5Gbps 3.8Gbps 9Gbps
Max. Concurrent Connections 800K/s 1,000,000/s 2,000,000/s
# of Protected Web Servers 32 256 1024

vAWF Specifications

  L4 Throughput Hypervisor Support VM Requirements
  2.4Gbps to 5Gbps VMware, KVM, Array AVX Series 2.2 and later 2 vCPUs, 4 Virtual Network Adapters, 2GB RAM

What Clients Say

Array application delivery controllers are now a critical part of our banking services. Array’s product provides a fault-tolerant solution that is reliable and time-saving and allows us to keep our applications up and running securely with minimal downtime.

Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

Systems Analyst, AA Credit Union

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