Array WAN Series WAN Accelerators

Application Acceleration

Whether accelerating headquarters to branch, data center to data center, cloud to customer or remote and mobile access connections, WAN Series improves application response times by up to 50x while reducing bandwidth utilization by up to 95%. Supported applications include file sharing, email, collaboration, enterprise applications, software distribution, test and development and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Backup & Replication

Deployed at data centers, remote and branch offices and mirrored sites – as well as public, private and hybrid clouds – WAN Series improves data transfer times by up to 50x while reducing bandwidth utilization by up to 95%. Supported backup and replication applications include Dell EqualLogic, IBM Tivoli Fast Back and Storage Manager, NetApp SnapMirror and other leading solutions.

WAN Series

TCP Optimization

WAN Series is Array’s core WAN optimization feature set included with every WAN Series physical and virtual appliance, as well as WAN Series for Windows. TCP optimizations such as window scaling, congestion avoidance, fast convergence and selective acknowledgement promote fairness between data flows, better utilization of high and low bandwidth connections and faster recovery in the event of packet loss.

Stream-Based Differencing

Patent-pending stream-based differencing enables continuous identification and analysis of larger streams of data in sequential order. Stream-based differencing facilitates the compression, organization and differencing of all data types as part of an overall data reduction and optimization process.

Single Instance Store

WAN Series' unique single instance store provides a scalable resource to implement data differencing such that unchanged data is not sent over the network twice. In addition, the store scales linearly with available memory and enables predictive preloading based on usage patterns.

Application Blueprints

Application blueprints optimize protocols so they operate efficiently across wide area networks. Using techniques such as local acknowledgement of requests, request pipelining, pre-fetching data and request bundling, blueprints significantly improve application performance. In addition, blueprints provide the application intelligence required for content-aware de-duplication.

Content-Aware De-Duplication

Strips off TCP/IP and protocol encapsulation to create a clean history that results in better data reduction, faster data transfers and superior matching for content transferred using different protocols.

Compression & Traffic Shaping

Compresses the first pass of data, and then uses application blueprints to perform content-aware de-duplication and prevent long-term performance degradation. For business-critical applications, traffic shaping may be used to assign guaranteed bandwidth to particular hosts, networks, ports or applications.

WAN Series CMS

WAN Series Configuration Management System

With WAN Series CMS, administrators gain a single console from which to view and manage all WAN Series WAN accelerator deployments. WAN Series CMS may be used with a few instances or with thousands of appliances and provides enormous benefits in streamlining management tasks.

CMS allows policies to be managed at global level rather than device by device, and allows WAN Series to be deployed anywhere in the world in less than thirty minutes. In addition, CMS simplifies change management and keeps a central backup of device configurations to ensure business continuity.

WAN Series Specifications

  1100 2100 2300 2500 2900
Accelerated TCP Connections 1K 2.4K 20K 40K 80K
Traffic Rules 100 2K 2K 4K 8K
History Data Storage 70GB 70GB 850GB 1.7T 1.7T

vWAN, Windows & Mobile Specifications

  vWAN WAN Series Windows WAN Series Mobile
Accelerated TCP Connections Up to 64,000 Up to 64,000 Up to 100
Platform Support VMware, Hyper-V, KVM Windows Server Windows 7

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